Frequently Asked Questions


  1. If you are an existing organisation who has set up a volunteer led programme in response to Covid-19, you need to check with your current Insurance Provider that all volunteer led activity in response to Covid -19 is covered by your existing policy.
  2. If your existing policy does not cover volunteer led activity in response to Covid-19, you can avail of the ‘Clare Community and Voluntary Covid-19 Response’ Insurance which is a temporary alliance of three organisations in Clare; Clare PPN, Clare Local Development Company and Clare Volunteer Centre who in conjunction with BHP are providing insurance cover for all volunteer led activity in response to Covid-19.
    1. Please click on the link here to find out more about the Clare Community and Voluntary Covid-19 Response Insurance Offer.


  1. The priority for every community led response must be the containment of COVID-19 to, minimise its impact and spread. We have developed the following resources to help your organisation put safeguards and measures in place to protect your volunteers and the people you are supporting.
    1. Community Response Startup Checklist

  1. To ensure your volunteers comply with HSE guidelines and are covered by the Clare Community and Voluntary Covid-19 Response Insurance – they must comply with the following safeguarding statement.
    1. Safeguarding Your Volunteers

  1. We have seen a huge increase in people who wish to be part of the voluntary response to Covid-19. We have a number of roles available and will be recruiting for additional roles in the coming weeks.
  2. If you would like to register as a Covid-19 volunteer, please register here at the National Volunteering Database and tick Covid-19. You will receive a welcome email from Dolores, who will send on the up to date roles available.
  3. By registering with us, we will also be sending you updates from trusted sources, that we would ask you to share with your networks.

  1. Clare Community Response Team has been set up to support and facilitate local community organisations throughout Co. Clare in their response to Covid-19. Below is the list of local mentors who are providing support in your area, please contact them if you have any query relating to safeguarding, insurance or other matters relating to your group: