Register Your Organisation


Before proceeding to register your organisation and or vacancy, please read the article below outlining Clare Volunteer Centre’s Service Commitment to and expectations of your organisation. There are two steps to registering a new vacancy with Clare Volunteer Centre:

  1. Register your organisation: This is a one time registration process. On approval you will receive an ‘Organisation Key’ which you will need to register your volunteer opportunities. Please feel free to contact the Clare Volunteer Centre team, if you have any questions on the supports and services we offer for community & voluntary organisations.
  2. Register your Vacancy: If you have registered your organisation and have your ‘Organisation Key’ you can register a volunteer role here. When we receive your volunteer role we will assess it and where necessary call you to clarify specific details. Only approved and well defined opportunities are advertised and recruited for.
Clare Volunteer Centre’s Service commitment to and expectation of Voluntary Organisations

Organisations registered with the Clare Volunteer Centre can expect to:

Clare Volunteer Centre expects Organisations to: